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Florida Water Sacred Herb Energy Candle- 9 oz 100% soy wax


Florida Water cologne was originally created in the early 1800’s , named after the legendary fountain of youth discovered in FLORIDA.

Florida water is a blend of citrus oils used for purification, removal of negative energy, relief of depression, to usher in Prosperity and Good Luck, bring peace to the workplace and to cleanse One’s aura.

Often found as a room spray or body cologne,
Flowlife has now created a unique, Florida Water Sacred Herb Energy Candle to promote the aromatherapy of all the properties of the original Florida Water blend.

Use this candle to create a sacred space for meditation, prayer, or to assist in setting intention for purification in all areas of your life.

Every Flowlife candle is activated with REIKI ENERGY through Meditation, Visualization and Sound Vibration.   Each candle is hand poured.


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