Feb. 9, 2019 -FENG SHUI for HOME, LOVE & PROSPERITY 2019!! with Anette Halfon - ONE NIGHT ONLY!!
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Feb. 9, 2019 -FENG SHUI for HOME, LOVE & PROSPERITY 2019!! with Anette Halfon - ONE NIGHT ONLY!!

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A special night celebrating the Chinese New Year and Valentine's day!!
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Facilitator - Anette Halfon, holds a Master's Degree in Theology and is the executive director of the International “Soul’s Mirror” Feng Shui Consultation Center, guest speaker on many radio shows, Author of several bestselling Feng Shui books, is a world known Master in Feng Shui and one of very few experts in the special field of Chinese Astrology “The Four Pillars of Destiny”.

Anette will be at Flowlife conducting this amazing workshop and also private Feng Shui Consultations during the week she is in South Florida.   She is visiting the US from Israel for a short time and we are extremely honored to bring her back to our Sanctuary for the Soul in the wonderful city of Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Feng Shui means literally wind and water. A little wind is pleasant; too much wind turns into a storm and can be disastrous. The same with water: we all need water, but too much water is a tsunami and the results are devastating. The expression “wind” and “water” (Feng Shui) is teaching us that everything in nature has to be balanced; too little or too much turns problematic.

Every home has different energies.  By learning about them, you will empower yourself with ancient wisdom and the advantage to use them to your benefit and prosperity.  Anette delves in her explanations beyond space planning by combining her vast knowledge in all classic Feng Shui teachings.  If you are committed to achieving balance, love, success and prosperity in your life.... THIS LECTURE IS FOR YOU.

-Learn about the POWERFUL INFLUENCE of the energies in your home and office on your personal and financial life in 2019
-Enjoy many helpful and practical tips to make IMMEDIATE CHANGES.
-Empower yourself with the knowledge to help you bring harmony, LOVE, abundance of blessings AND prosperity in 2019.

DATE: FEB. 9 (SATURDAY) - 7:00pm-8:30pm

Cost for workshop - $27