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Message Circle with Carla Blaha, Evidential Medium from New York!

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Group Message Circle with Carla Blaha Evidential Medium

DECEMBER 6, 2019 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Message Circles are a wonderful place to feel you are connecting to those who have passed, the Universal Source and to learn that there really is life after life. In a message Circle you will sit in a friendly environment as a group and receive information, guidance and messages. Carla receives her information in forms of symbols and impressions. Everyone that goes to a Circle is there for a reason. Sometimes a crossed loved one needs to get a message across, sometimes advice is needed and sometimes you just need to be told what your gut already knows. If you believe that life continues beyond what we see and that we are able to be guided from the otherside as well as our own intuition a Message Circle is something you might really enjoy and can be an incredibly HEALING and JOYFUL event for all. PRICE PER PERSON: $40
TIME: 6:00pm (on time start will be important since this is a longer than usual event)
LENGTH OF EVENT – Approximately 2 HOURS
for more info please call Flowlife Holistic Lounge @ 754-206-2122