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Meteorite - Campo Del Cielo

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size: 2 1/2" X 2"

Weight: 135 grams


Meteorite from Argentina - 1571

Campo Del Cielo

The name Campo del Cielo Meteorite refers to a group of Iron Meteorites located 1,000 kilometers northwest of Buenos Aires, Argentina. These craters & surrounding areas contain numerous fragments of an Iron meteorite. The total weight of the pieces recovered exceeds 100 tones. This Meteorite is the heaviest one ever recovered on Earth.

Teaches us how to persevere with resilience through difficult challenging times & turn painful experience into a beautiful new powerful you. Opens new levels of awareness enhancing connectivity to all energies. A stone of immense Shamanic power that aids the shedding of old & growth of new.  Connects to other worlds, alternate realms & ancient beings. Awakens dormant psychic powers opening doorways to the soul’s life purpose. Releases karmic ties, dissolves past life contracts & seals karmic wounds. 

size: 2 1/2" X 2"

Weight: 135 grams


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