Mixed mineral #2
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Mixed mineral #2

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Clear Quartz - Crown Chakra - Master Healer (magnifies the energy of all crystals near it)

Pyrite - Root Chakra / stimulates 2nd and 3rd Chakras (will-power)- Action, confidence, persistence, (known as a money magnet)

Galena - Root Chakra - grounding, harmony & transformation, assists in recovering personal power.

Orpiment - Solor Plexus Chakra - stimulates intellect and is excellent for investigative analysis.  Provides insights into what needs to be down in a given situation.  

Realgar - Root Chakra - Used to draw energy into the body through the root chakra.  Helps unlock what may be hidden from ourselves, bringing that issue into the light to be worked on and healed.  Great for addressing and healing past traumas.

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