Return to SELF Meditation Group Event - Theme (FEARLESSNESS)
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Return to SELF Meditation Group Event - Theme (FEARLESSNESS)

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Facilitated by: Rina Lichtinger and Maria Gaviria

Return to SELF is an ongoing Meditation and Self Discovery/Healing workshop. Learn techniques for Meditation, Self empowerment, Inner Healing and Inspiration to transform. We will work with the Chakras, Crystals, Learn Sanksrit terms, experience Reiki & Vedic Thai Hand Massage. Experience the 7 metal Tibetan Healing Bowl vibration, Learn Mudras for Removing Obstacles, be guided through meditation and truly experience the sacred safety and joyful exploration of an ongoing group event to empower each of us to attain our highest and sustainable connection to the omnipresent energy available for each one.

Date: March 1, 2019
Time: 6:30pm -8:00pm
Price: $45 (included in price is a crystal which each participant will receive at each RETURN TO SELF event)

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